Sechin Capital has the ability to provide substantial funding on your leased cash account or bank instrument. We title it the “Bogatyr Loan Program” which allows a business to obtain project funding from our asset finance company up to $50M USD within 30 days with little underwriting scrutiny or conditions.


With the Cash Account Loan program, Sechin Capital leverages the cash asset your business currently holds in a savings or checking account and provides a loan up to 80% of its value. The loan proceeds can be used for business expansion, working capital or equipment acquisition.


Many companies claim to offer Bank Guarantee Monetization, but few can do it with the tenacity that Sechin Capital provides. Our experts quickly evaluate your Bank Guarantee and provide a term sheet for your review, with a loan amounts up to $100M USD and interest rates below 5% annual.


Our newest product offering is an SBLC Credit facility allowing a borrower the convenience and flexibility to manage their business or project’s unique financial situation. Sechin Capital, sblc financing company arranges an established maximum loan balance that will be permitted for the borrower to draw down on the credit facility at any time as long as the maximum set in the agreement is not exceeded. The advantage is that the interest is not charged on the part of the credit facility that is unused.

About Us

About Us

About Sechin Capital

Stable financing, efficient execution, expert solutions and fanatical customer service is how Sechin Capital helps small businesses and middle-market borrowers succeed. Our broad range of lending products within the commercial lending and real estate industries—combined with access to capital—allows us to execute financing that supports your business objectives. Our deal professionals’ industry expertise and attention to your goals during every step of the loan process allows us to offer solutions that help you achieve success. Based in Russia Moscow, the center of the sixth largest economy in the world, Sechin Capital, lease financing company receives its capital from some of Russia’s most prestigious Oligarchs with net worth’s in the billions of USD.  Our network of international offices in Dubai and London, provide a global footprint which allows us to reach our global customers no matter where they are.


Our newest commercial loan product, the "BOGATYR LOAN" allows for project funding using a leased cash account or bank account. The funding programs allow you to borrow up to 80% against your provided asset. We facilitate a unique underwriting process which includes the story of what your project is about and the circumstances involved allowing us to customize all of our offers. Our goal is to provide you a fast, easy, and ethical transaction.


Sechin Capital issues funding amounts from $5,000,000 USD to $50,000,000 USD in Entrepreneur-friendly growth capital.


We are able to offer deferred and flexible payments to pay back the loan that match the ebb and flow of your business.


Up to 50% of the loan principle can be forgiven based on the nature of the borrower’s project.


At Sechin Capital we aim to fund your loan in 30 days or less. After you submit your application, our underwriting department works to issue a term sheet within 24 hours. Once you sign the term sheet, an additional verification is done on your asset and loan documents are sent to you via courier for signature.


Funds can be disbursed in USD or your selected currency on a monthly basis or in one lump sum. They are disbursed via wire transfer to your account within 24 to 72 hours of receiving your signed loan documents.


Sechin Capital offer’s competitive interest rates, ranging from 2.5% - 4.5% over a 5-year term. The factors that determine the rate of interest are market conditions, marketability, and security of your collateral.
Get your Loan Approval within 30 Days.

Funding the World With the Strength of the Russian Federation

Sechin Capital has had the privilege to provide over $450M USD in project and business funding to clients in over 20 countries doing business in 14 industries.

Sechin Capital's Fanatical Team Members

We come together as a team to achieve a common goal, by providing each client with a superb customer service experience, while understanding their financial needs.

Loan Process

This is Sechin Capital's Loan Process

Day 1

The client through their agent will submit their loan application, asset information, project plan, and other supporting documentation for underwriting at Sechin Capital.


DAY 2-5

On Day 2, the underwriter at Sechin Capital will order the verification of the prospective borrower’s collateral account. This process usually takes about 24 hours to complete, since it is completed bank to bank. On Day 4 the underwriter completes any remaining verifications and submits its findings and recommendations to a lending board at Sechin Capital. The lending board will either approve or deny the loan within 24 hours. If a loan approval is granted a term sheet is issued to the prospective borrower by Day 5.


DAY 6-7

On Day 6, the prospective borrower is now in receipt of the term sheet which outlines the terms and conditions of the loan. Should the borrower be satisfied with the term sheet, they will be asked to sign and submit the document to Sechin Capital. By Day 7, the underwriter may request additional documentation from the borrower in order to complete the underwriting file. APPLY NOW

DAY 10-14

Sechin Capital performs a “Hard Verification” of the asset in which a bank to bank confirmation of the provided asset is completed. This process can take 1 to 4 banking days. Once the asset has been confirmed and qualified, the underwriter can proceed with preparing loan documents.


DAY 15

Loan Documents are issued and sent to a local 3rd party agent to meet with the borrower in their respective location to present the documents and sign. Borrower will signs and notarize documents. 3rd party agent will then send original documents to Sechin Capital via Overnight Express.


DAY 21

Signed loan docs are received at Sechin Capital Moscow headquarters and checked in. The Underwriter and Funder work with lender to verify and issue any final conditions prior to funding of the loan. The Borrower may be supplied with final conditions to close the loan. The Borrower submits any final conditions for underwriting approval.


DAY 30

Funding of the loan takes place after collateralization of the asset provided. Loan proceeds are sent by wire transfer to the borrower’s provided banking coordinates.


Phase 1: Application

At Sechin Capital the first step is to obtain a loan application from our customer. Applications for loans may be made through several different channels and the length of the application process, from initial application to funding, means that different organizations may use various channels for customer interactions over time. In general, loan applications may be split into three distinct types: Agent (branch-based) Agent assisted (telephone-based) Broker sale (third-party sales agent). Depending on the institution and product being offered, the application may be completed on a paper application form, or directly into an online application through an agent’s desktop system. In either case, this phase of application is mostly concerned with the accurate capture of customer’s details, and does not incorporate any of the background decisioning work required to assess the suitability of the customer and the risk of default, or the due diligence that must be performed to mitigate risk of fraud and money laundering activities.


Phase 2: Underwriting

During underwriting, our expert underwriter not only reviews the application submitted by our client, but also supporting documentation such as the asset information, and project plan. Within 24 hours of receiving an application the asset, whether it be a leased cash account, leased instrument, cash account, BG, or SBLC is verified and authenticated by our bank. Upon successful verification, our underwriter does a loan analysis to determine the maximum supportable loan amount based on the Net Operating Income (“NOI”), the Debt Service Coverage (“DSCR”), and the Loan to Value (“LTV”) requirements. Once the underwriter calculates the correct net operating income they will then calculate the above mentioned LTV and DSCR ratios. Next, the underwriter will then take the lesser of the two loan amounts calculated based on the LTV approach and the DSCR approach. Finally, the underwriter will issue a term sheet for approval to both the lender and client.


Phase 3: Loan Docs

Once third-party reports are completed and the verification process satisfied, a final loan approval will be issued after completing the verification of the asset. Once approval is granted, with any prior-to-documents conditions satisfied, our underwriters draw loan documents. Our assistants ensure a coordinated and timely closing by working closely with you. The purpose of the loan documents is to create a binding agreement between the lender and borrower that assigns the asset to the lender and the funds to the borrower. A third party agent in your local town will be assigned these loan documents and they will meet with you at your home or office to review. If the loan documents are acceptable, you will sign and notarize in their presence and the documents will the be sent via courier to Moscow for our review.


Phase 4: Funding

Funding is the last and most exciting phase for us here at Sechin Capital! Our funder reviews all the final loan documents and prepares the loan proceeds for wire transfer. Funds are sent via wire transfer bank to bank to the borrower’s bank account within 72 hours of leveraging your provided asset. Funders always want to see that you have put in efforts to prepare your projects. It is essential that you display a sense of seriousness and keen to successfully deliver the projects that you are intended to carry out. It is always good to use evidence as a proof of any planning; this is a solid statement to persuade the funders that you are confident about what you are going to do. Try to accurately estimate all the costs that may occur including the hidden ones. Furthermore, you have to demonstrate that you are capable of managing the projects until they are fully delivered.


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Sechin Capital loan origination efforts are conducted worldwide with headquarters in Moscow Russia and key offices located in London, UK, and Dubai, UAE. We also maintain a number of smaller lending support offices throughout the globe.

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